Hi everyone!

In Part 1 of this post I will show you step by step how to search from a desktop PC.
Later in part 2 I will make another post teaching how to make the search from mobile devices.
We offer several ways for you to find the product you want.

Let's go?


The products in our Home appear in random order. So every time you refresh the page, the product will be different.
The products of block named "New Arrivals" only change when it's are no longer considered more as newest or when new products are added, but you can still find them by clicking on "See all" in block tittle bar.

New Arrivals


In the "Sale" block the products are fixed and only change when more products are added or removed. To view all the products in this category, simply click on "See All"...




or "Sale" tab in the top menu.


So these two blocks the changes will not be all the time.


Search Methods

1. Advanced Search Bar

Our search bar at the top right corner of the page offers suggestions for your search from the third letter typed.

Then just start typing and wait for the suggestions appear.

search bar


Note that at the end of the list also appears related categories

search bar


2. Top Menu

Another way to search a product is the Top Menu.
The Top Menu contains all the products from our store, organized by type, category and brand.

You can easily choose to search at any of the menus.

By Category:



Or brand:


The list of brands is long, so you have to scroll down the list in order to see the end of the list.


Some categories have many products, so you can filter through the menu on the left side and refine your search.


Done search refinement, you will have the most accurate options when you are looking for.


Well, for now it is all. If even with these tips you still can not find the product you want, feel free to contact us through our contact page or through one of our social networks.
All links are on the left sidebar on the Home page or in footer of every page.

Thank you and see you next time