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Returns & Refund Policy

Initial observations:

All products have been checked and packaged in good condition before dispatch.
In case of limited edition products, there is no way to resend a new in case of damaged or lost item. We will make the full refund.
In case the item is defective, please inform us within 14 days of receipt or also if lost we will refund your money.

Please see also the "Delivery & Rates" page, click here.

We are always working to provide the best possible shopping experience for all our customers. Our customers love us!

We ask that you keep in mind that the policies exist to protect good people. Combating scammers is a responsibility for everyone, as they are a major reason why the good people pay high prices and imposed limits and blockages in many places.

Buyer protection

If the buyer claims to have been harmed by errors in delivery, we will open an investigation on the Japan Post together with the delivery service in destination country.

The delivery mistakes will be recognized when proved:

It was delivered in another address* different that of the provided by the buyer.
Was handed over to unauthorized person* outside the point of delivery, such as maintenance service workers outside the place of delivery, neighbors or passers-by. 
The delivery service lost or damaged* the package.
The package has signs of violation and/or missing one or more products*.

*An investigation will be opened by the delivery service for such cases.

Please check the external and content of your package at time of delivery or as soon as possible. Also if possible, shoot several photos of the damaged package before opening and after opening.
If you see that the package is so damaged that is sure product is damaged or/and missing products, refuse the package and notify us as soon as possible. Also communicate this information to all who can receive the package in your absence.

The customer is also covered by the "Paypal buyer protection".


It is entirely responsibility of the buyer:

1. Provide a valid address and all complements to delivery.
2. Ensure authentic ways to contact, such as email and / or phone.
3. Ensure that there is a reliable recipient at the place of delivery.
4. When it fails to attempt delivery, pick up the package or reschedule a new delivery.

We will NOT make full or partial refund in the following cases:

A. The buyer claimed that did not receive the package when the tracking report that was delivered to the correct address provided by the buyer, even if the delivery address has been changed* by the buyer's request.
B. The buyer claim that does not recognize the signature of the recipient when the package is delivered to the correct address provided by the buyer, even if the delivery address has been changed* by the buyer's request.
C. The buyer return the product after using or damaged**.
D. The buyer return the package after 14 days of receipt without contact us to providing a reason they has been harmed by us or delivery service.**.

*Note: Changes in the shipping address can only be asked before sending the package.

**Note: The package will be returned to buyer upon payment of the shipping costs.

Irregular Return and desistance

1. If the package return to us will be charged the new shipping costs to resend the package for reasons caused by the buyer as:

A. Wrong address informed by customer.
B. No recipient in place and not schedule a new delivery or not pick up the package in post office.
C. Package refused by the buyer or any person on the place (including family, co-workers and concierge service).
D. Other non-delivery reasons caused by buyer or anyone with connection to the buyer (including family, co-workers and concierge service).

2. In case of desistance to order resend, including any of the reasons previously mentioned and the buyer choose the refund, will also be charged the shipping costs.
3. In case of desistance after shipped and not yet received*, will be charged the shipping costs.
4. In case of desistance after received** the package, we will charge the shipping cost from the total amount paid.

*Note: The buyer must refuse the package at delivery. In the case of accepting the package, keep it closed (if opened see the next note) and send back to us. Besides the initial shipping cost, the cost of sending back also will be paid by the buyer.

**Note: To return the package, the product should be well packaged and including all received gifts. We will NOT accept different products, used products or with the original brand package violated or damaged by customer.
After receiving back the package will be checked and if all content is OK, only the product value paid will be refunded. We will charge the shipping costs from the total amount paid.

5. In case of desistance before shipment, NO fee will be charged.


We can change this policy in full or partial at any time without notice.
If you have questions, feel free to contact us.